Aircraft Maintenance
Engineering B2

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 Placement Opportunities:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering placement (job) opportunities are very high as there is a shortage of skilled Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. Some areas employ the AME:

Some carriers deliver transportation to the passengers. No aircraft can fly without approval from Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

The safety & security of aircraft is the responsibility of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers at ground level, so there is the requirement of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers at the airport.

The MRO organizations specialize in performing the actions on engines, aircraft frames, wings, landing gears, fuselage etc.

The companies that manufacture the aircraft also require Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. The companies such as Boeing, Airbus etc.

The companies that manufacture aircraft components also require Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

The DGCA is an Indian body that makes rules and regulations related to the safety and security of civil aviation.

The aircraft operational organizations are the organization that operates within the country or across the country.

Aviation training centres are the centre where the training related to the aircraft is done

These clubs provide access to affordable access to the members

The Civil Defence Force uses flying objects to protect their country, so Aircraft Maintenance Engineers also maintain them

The places where aircraft are needed, there is a requirement of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

Employment Areas

A license holder Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) has promising career opportunities in the government sector and private sector in India and abroad.

  • Airlines
  • MRO Industries
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Operation organizations
  • Aviaiton Training Centers
  • Flying Clubs
  • Civil Forces
  • Civil Aviation Organizations

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 Career Scope

  • Indian aviation sector facing skill shortage in pilots and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. It is a huge career opportunity for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. India is growing in the aviation sector, so the requirement of AME is at its peak.
  • Indian MRO Industry On Verge Of Expanding….Excellent Growth Rate for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. This leads to a new height for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers career.
  • India is growing in aviation so fast. Air traffic growth is around 28% which builds a golden era for a career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.
  • Two Indian airports have been ranked in World's top 10 fastest growing airports. The air traffic has increased in India, raising a hike in Aircraft Maintenance Engineers jobs.
  • The UDAN scheme is boosting the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering career. UDAN Scheme makes airfare affordable for ordinary people to travel through. A drastic increase in domestic passengers can be seen, which resulted in rising in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering careers.

responsibilities of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers have a responsibility to ensure a glitch-free and safe flight by certifying that the aircraft is operating in an entirely accurate manner. The engineers are also accountable for averting inflight hazards. They also conduct regular aircraft inspections to check the status of functioning of each part and report for problems immediately, offer solutions and troubleshoot the snags. Before take-off, the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers check the aircraft and sign the certificate. 

After obtaining the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers licence, students can expect to get placed in the following industries:

  • Airlines
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul companies
  • Operation Organizations
  • Civil Defence Forces

Top Recruiters for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Top Recruiters for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
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Why WIIA for

Aircraft maintenance engineering in B2

Aircraft maintenance
engineering in B2?

Why WIIA for Aircraft maintenance
engineering in B2?

WIIA is the only institute in India with a complete Boeing 737-200 aircraft in operating condition to deliver practical disclosure to the students. Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 provides practical training on aircraft.

Furthermore, at the Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2, we even have Learjet-24 & Zenith CH 2000 for practical practice on actual aircraft. The material of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course has been created to satisfy the Aviation Industry-standard & supported by the DGCA - Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Get to work live on an enterprise giant. WIIA- Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 equips its students with Boeing 737 fitted with all Instruments and Management, Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17 Emergency door, Cargo door, Axial Flow Turbofan Engine in operating condition for the functional training. This Boeing provides training to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 & Hospitality Management students.

WIIA is an Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 is a proud proprietor of Bogie type Landing Gear of actual Aircraft Boeing 747-200 for the practical exercise of the students. Arrangement of disposal and building of Landing Gear, Brake Unit and other accessories & parts of the Landing Gear.

Students get hands-on knowledge with a jumbo format of aircraft equipment, giving them an additional edge in the Global Aviation Industry.

Imagine getting to operate at the Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 with live engines, disassembling them, bolting them and bringing a live feel. This is what students would accomplish in actual workshops at MROs. Turbo Shaft Engine & Turbo Jet Engine are in disassemble, mounted and fine cross-section view for demonstration & practical help of the students. Motor Operated SU-7 engine to quickly comprehend the working principle of the engine's various parts.

The Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 holds a Zenith CH-2000 fitted with Piston Engine (Lyc-O-235) with all systems in the working situation for the practical training.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B2 in Abroad

Aircraft Maintenance training in foreign countries is conducted by various capable regulatory authorities of the states. Every regulatory authority has different eligibility criteria for obtaining the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License.

Like DGCA in our India, European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA in European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the United States of America, Transport Canada - TC for Canada, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority - DCAA for Dubai, General Civil Aviation Authority - GCAA in UAE etc. 

These regulatory bodies regulate Civil Aviation and provide designated aviation services with safety & security to support the aviation industry in their respective states. But all these regulatory authorities are executing the aviation standards and following standard operating procedures set up by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for Aviation operations and training. For Aircraft Maintenance Aviation License, all the regulatory bodies follow the standards & requirements specified in ICAO Annex 1.