Campus Life

Campus Life at WIIA
Training Facilities at WIIA for AME

At WIIA, we quickly built outstanding importance for the quality of teaching, service, and positive student experience. This importance is taken out of our simple focus to provide the best student support possible. We believe the college experience stretches far outside the classroom. College is about finding new talents, rising above challenges, and making the life-long experience that will define your triumph.

We believe that the students should evolve the coordination and enthusiasm for the studies and the athletic program. Our sports facilities will improve and develop the fitness and concentration level of the students. It increases brain to body coordination and promotes concentration levels and a sense of balance in sportspersons. Since its inception, WIIA has been teaching the students the culture of sportsmanship and spirit.

Facilities at WIIA

Hostel Facilities

Hostel Accommodation

Entertainment & Sports facilities

Entertainment & Sports facilities

Transport Facilities

Transport Facilities

Canteen Facilities

Canteen Facilities

Practical Labs for Training

Classrooms & Labs Facilities

Seminar hall and auditorium

Seminar Hall & Auditorium

Library Facilities

Library Facilities

  • Separate hostels for boys and girls.
  • Spacious, well-furnished and comfortable rooms with 24/7:
  • Power supply, Wi-Fi connection, television, water purifier, water cooler, and indoor & outdoor games facilities.
  • An in-built gym & fitness centre is available to promote a fit and fine lifestyle.
  • The canteen serves balanced vegetarian food, which is nutritious as well as appealing to taste buds.
  • First-aid is accessible on the campus, with local hospitals near the campus in case of emergency.

We provide safe and secure transport services to students and faculty members. The vehicle includes buses that run on specific routes covering more than 60% of Ahmedabad city. Other than private university buses, local buses are accessible to reach campus.

We also organize Inter College Sports Fest, Sports Meet, Indoor Games Competitions, Sports Function, etc. These events will engage the students and help them discover their talent in sports.

Training facilities at the campus

India's only aircraft maintenance engineering institute to have complete Boeing 737-200 Aircraftin the campus in actual condition to deliver wide range of practical exposure to the students.

Furthermore, at the WIIA campus, we even have Learjet-24 Aircraft, Zenith CH 2000 Aircraft, and also Chetak (SA 316B) Helicopter for practical training.

WIIA equipped with Boeing 737-200 fitted with all Instruments, controls, Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17 twin Axial Flow Turbo Fan engine, Emergency door, Cargo door, etc. in actual condition for the functional training. Students get an opportunity to work live on an enterprise giant.

Arrangement of removal and installation of Landing Gear, Brake Unit, and other accessories & parts of the Landing Gear.

Motor Operated SU-7 engine to quickly comprehend the working principle of the engine's various parts.

WIIA provides an opportunity to work on actual aircraft engines, its assembling and disassembling practices as a live practical experience similar to MROs working culture. WIIA’s Engine workshop is equipped with Turboshaft and Turbojet engines with cross-sectional view for demonstration and familiarisation purpose.

The WIIA holds an Aircraft Zenith CH-2000 fitted with Piston Engine (Lyc-O-235) and Learjet-24 Aircraft fitted with turbojet CJ 610-6 engines with all systems in the working condition for the practical training of WIIA students.


WIIA believes in providing the most excellent training in the Aviation field for student's holistic development. We have a highly experienced faculty and aviation experts from the aviation industry and alumni to help the student in guiding their future. Professors and trainer's team. The professional training and placement part provides soft skill training and workforce solutions with assistance and internships for all different layers of the aviation sector.

We are recognized for our high professionalism and providing a quality workforce in the aviation industry, creating opportunities through the fusion of advanced training, interactive education and real-time marketability. We combine innovative thinking and insight with the evolution of learning concepts. We attract creative minds and provide the environment to promote innovative and entrepreneurial thought, resulting in ground-breaking ideas that open career opportunities.

  • We train and guide students to evolve and grow.
  • Provide opportunities for the growth of skills, abilities and talents.
  • Create a platform for students for exploring the spirit of professionalism and critical thinking.
  • Equip students with the skills to face the changing global scenario.
  • Access to multiple career opportunities.
Training Facilities at WIIA