Why WIIA is the best?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

We at WIIA believe that an industry-ready student makes for a superb professional. We can safely claim to have cracked the code of success for our previous students in the Aviation sectors (Airline/ MRO/ General Aviation) to our industry-ready infrastructure and 'Practical Training' facility. We provide our teaching labs with the latest maintenance technologies & methodologies essential for convenient field maintenance of different aircraft types.

WIIA is an Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and is a proud proprietor of Bogie type Landing Gear of actual Aircraft Boeing 747-200 for the practical exercise of the students. Arrangement of disposal and building of Landing Gear, Brake Unit, and other accessories & parts of the Landing Gear. Students get hands-on knowledge with a jumbo format of aircraft equipment, giving them an additional advantage in the global aviation industry.

WIIA believes in providing the most excellent Training in the Aviation field for student's holistic development. We have highly experienced faculty and aviation experts from the aviation industry and alumni to help the student guide their future: professors and trainer's team. The professional training and placement part provides soft skill training and workforce solutions with assistance and internships for all different layers of the aviation sector.

We are recognized for our high professionalism and providing a quality workforce in the aviation industry, creating opportunities through the fusion of advanced Training, interactive education and real-time marketability. We combine innovative thinking and insight with the evolution of learning concepts. We attract creative minds and provide the environment to promote innovative and entrepreneurial thought, resulting in ground-breaking ideas that open career opportunities.

  • We train and guide students to evolve and grow.
  • Provide opportunities for the growth of skills, abilities and talents.
  • Create a platform for students for exploring the spirit of professionalism and critical thinking.
  • Equip students with the skills to face the changing global scenario.
  • Access to multiple career opportunities.

Special Feature at WIIA

Special Feature at WIIA
  • Technical Visit : Airline, MRO's, Flying Clubs, General Eng. Workshop
  • Placement Assistance
  • In house practical training facilities on our Light & Heavy Aircrafts
  • Well equipped Mechanical Workshop, Avionics Lab and Engineering Workshops
  • Experienced & highly adaptive & motivated faculty
  • Well equipped Library and Computer Lab
  • with Internet Facilities
  • Transport facilities available
  • Well cooked hygienic food and comfortable environment in the hostel
  • Separate administrative and academic wardens
  • Air-conditioned Classrooms and Auditorium
  • ATM facilities on the campus

courses at wiia Offers

courses at wiia Offers
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B1.1
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine) Category
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 (Avionics) Category
B.Sc (Honours) in Aircraft Maintenance
B.Sc (Honours) in Aircraft Maintenance

WIIA is the perfect place for the best Air Hostess / Steward / stewardess / Flight Attendant steward training course. The duration of the course is 3 months.

Cabin Crew
Cabin Crew

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management is a program that equips the student with basic knowledge in the procedures of directing airport function, event management, etc. Upon completing this program, the student will be able to familiarize and understand mandatory aviation regulation and appreciate factors impacting airline operations. The duration of the course is 6 months.

Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management
Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management


To provide quality education, knowledge and Training for the student's. To impart quality education to achieve excellence in teaching-learning and research, We at WIIA offer a vibrant environment for the holistic development of the students as valuable global students. We endeavour to convey the latest technology and education from across the world to deliver the latest to our students.

WIIA is an academic institute and a place where students can express their needs and we as a whole can help them guide their future in Aviation.


Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) license benefits

Getting the license is very important to become an AME. AME License is the mandatory qualification to maintain and certify the aircraft. AME must hold the license. The license is valid internationally and is recognized by the International bodies that deal with safety and security rules and regulations for civil aviation globally

  • The licensed AME has to inspect the aircraft properly before and sign a certificate before taking off. Only then, the flight can take off.
  • A certificate is mandatory before flight take off.  tThis certificate assures that the aircraft is airworthy in all respect.and fit to fly for the intended flight.
  • The security and safety of aircraft and their passengers are the responsibility of AME.
  • The AME license is internationally valid.
  • The licensed AME have career opportunities in India and Abroad either in the Government or private sector.
  • The licensed AME has high dignity and respect.