WIIA placed 37 students of 2018 batch in INDIGO Airlines, STAR AIR and MRO.
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India's 5th largest Airli...Read more India's 5th largest Airline Go First (Formerly Go Air), will give 300 hours of Actual Maintenance Working Environment Training to WIIA's AME - Aeroplane Turbine (B1.1) and Avionics (B2) category students.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

International Admission

Aircraft Maintenance
Engineering B1.1

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course duration
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B1.1(AME)

live & grow with engines & avionics

The category that deals with Jet Engine & Aeroplane Structure learning and maintenance is generally known as Category of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.1 in the (Aeroplane Turbine) category. Students of B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine) category who successfully clear all the Basic Knowledge Module Examination conducted by DGCA and finish all the maintenance experience conditions specified by DGCA in Aircraft Rule 61 and CAR 66 gets the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License in the B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine) category.

By getting a B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine) category Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, license, the holder of this license is permitted to exercise its power to carry out holder to issue certificates for release to service and act as support staff following the maintenance performed on aircraft structure, power-plant, mechanical and electrical systems in respect of an aircraft type endorsed on the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license. The course material has been created to meet the Aviation Industry-standard & approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).


Aircraft Maintenance
Engineering B2

DGCA approved AME B2 college
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 (Avionics)

maintain, repair & fly

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B2 (Avionics) category provides access to real-time aircraft knowledge. It is a balanced practical and theory-based approach for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license issued by Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India, for maintaining the aeroplanes. Making the current aircraft airworthy cannot be made potential but for the technical talent and hard work of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. They are mainly accountable for keeping the plane in an airworthy situation and administering the airworthiness certificate before the flight.

They perform for airlines, maintenance departments of aero-engine manufactures and supported aircraft maintenance organizations. License holder gives discharge certificates to service after maintenance on avionic and electrical techniques, avionics and electrical systems.


DGCA approved AME college

shaping the future of aviation

WIIA is the first DGCA approved AME college in Gujarat to provide B.Sc (Honours) in Aircraft Maintenance
degree on a single campus

shaping the future of aviation

WIIA is the first and only DGCA approved AME college in Gujarat to provide B.Sc (Honours) in Aircraft Maintenance
degree on a single campus

B.Sc (Honours) in
Aircraft Maintenance

B.Sc (Hons) in Aircraft Maintenance course details
B.Sc (Hons) in Aircraft Maintenance course

a degree to soar skies

WIIA in association with Indus University also offers B.Sc (Honours) in Aircraft Maintenance, an undergraduate degree connected to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. In this course, the student will understand and learn about aircraft maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, and solving the issues of an aircraft. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for maintaining the aircraft in airworthy condition. This degree deals with the continuing airworthiness, the safety of aircraft, passengers and its occupant.

WIIA, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering college, in association with Indus University provides B.Sc (Honours) in Aircraft Maintenance, which contains academic and practical training for well-qualified and professional trainers. The practical session permits the student to understand the concept skillfully.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering college offering B.Sc (Honours) in Aircraft Maintenance, is one of the best courses for the students curious about pursuing a profession in the Aviation sector. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is an economic career opportunity for those looking to make a career in the aviation industry. While there are many options in this sector, a career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering can be rewarding in numerous ways. The profession concerns supervision and up-gradation of aircraft & ensures the security of aircraft, passengers, and its occupant at all times.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering DGCA License

DGCA approved AME B1.1 college

Modules are the subjects that need to be studied by students to gain the knowledge of aircraft and it’s system. There is a total of 17 nos. of modules according to DGCA, but candidates have to clear the modules following the category they have chosen, e.g. To get the License in Category B1.1, the student needs to clear a total of 11 nos. of modules conducted by DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India.

No aircraft can take off without the certification of release to service (CRS) is issued by the certifying staff on behalf of the CAR-145 approved maintenance organization (AMO) after carried out all maintenance required by the aircraft customer/operator/ owner. To evolve as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, one has to hold a license issued from the Regulatory Authority, Director General of Civil Aviation under the. Aircraft Rule 61 and CAR 66.

DGCA approved AME B1.1 college in India


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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Eligibility

ame course details and ame course duration

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine) category is most suitable for students that want to make a career in aviation. The aspiring prospects who desire to pursue Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B1.1 must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:-

  • Age: Minimum age requirement 16 Years
  • Eligibility: 10+2 examination passed with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) Combination from a recognized board or having a diploma or higher degree in electrical, electronics, mechanical or Aeronautical engineering.
  • Medical Fitness: Medically fit and doesn't have colour blindness or any other physical disabilities

If you have any queries regarding the eligibility criteria, you can contact us at - +91 7227 037781


Practical training opportunities for AME

BOEING 737-200

Crafting your Career - Live

Get to work live on an industry giant. WIIA provides its students Boeing 737 fitted with all Instruments and Controls, Emergency door, Cargo door, Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17, Axial Flow Turbofan Engine in working condition for the practical training. This Boeing provides training to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering & Hospitality Management students.


Boeing 747-200 Landing Gear for Practical training

BOEING 747-200

Landing you the Best

WIIA is a proud owner of Bogie type Landing Gear of actual aircraft Boeing 747-200 for practical training of the students. Arrangement of removal and installation of Landing Gear, Brake Unit, and different accessories and parts of the Landing Gear.

Students get hands-on experience with a jumbo format of aircraft equipment, giving them an extra edge in the Global Aviation Industry.


Jet Engine Shop


Jet-Setting your Career

Imagine getting to work with live engines, dismantling them, bolting them and getting a live feel. This is what students would do in actual workshops at MROs.

Turbo Shaft Engine & Turbo Jet Engine are in dismantle, mounted, and good cross-section view for demonstration & practical use of the students.

Motor Operated SU-7 engine to quickly understand the working principle of the different parts of the engine.


ZENITH CH-2000 for practical training


Taking off your Future

The institute owns a Zenith CH-2000 fitted with Piston Engine (Lyc-O-235) with all systems in working condition for the practical training of WIIA students.


Lear jet 24 for practical training


Practically taking off your Dreams

The institute owns a Lear Jet – 24 fitted with general electrical CJ-610-6 single rotor, axial flow Turbojet Engine in working condition for the practical training of the WIIA students.