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Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.3

B1.3 (Helicopter Turbine) is a specialized category within aircraft maintenance engineering certification, focusing on the maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of helicopter turbine engines and related systems. Individuals certified in Category B1.3 are trained to work on various components and systems specific to helicopter turbine engines, including engine maintenance, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, and avionics relevant to helicopters. This certification is essential for professionals seeking careers as licensed aircraft maintenance engineers specializing in helicopter turbine engines.

Aircraft & Practical Training Facilities on Campus

DGCA approved AME college

lear jet-24

DGCA approved AME college

engine workshop

DGCA approved AME college

landing gear

DGCA approved AME college

zenith ch-2000

DGCA approved AME college DGCA approved AME college


DGCA approved AME college


DGCA approved AME college


DGCA approved AME college


DGCA approved AME college


We perform 70% of the
allotted practical
hours structured
training in our
campus and
the remaining
30% practical
training on Actual
Aircraft Working
environment at DGCA
approved CAR 145 AMO.

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DGCA approved AME B1.1 college in India

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.3 DGCA License

How does the AME course differ from an Aeronautical Engineering degree?

The AME course, specifically the Category B1.3 (Helicopter Turbine) Course, has received approval from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). This accreditation ensures comprehensive training in helicopter turbine maintenance. 

This license proves a person's proficiency in maintaining and repairing helicopter turbine engines. We provide thorough training programmes at our institute to assist students in getting ready to obtain the DGCA license. Our qualified instructors and prominent facilities guarantee that students get the best training possible. Graduates can anticipate a rewarding career in the aviation sector with this license.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.3 Eligibility

How does the AME course differ from an Aeronautical Engineering degree?
ame course eligibility and opportunity


Minimum age requirement 18 Years

ame course opportunity


10+2 examination passed with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM). Combination from a recognized board or having a diploma or prior certification in aircraft maintenance B1.1 or B2 is a plus.

What is the eligibility criteria for pursuing an AME course?

Medical Fitness

Medically fit and doesn't have colour blindness or any other physical disabilities

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.3 Course Details

How does the AME course differ from an Aeronautical Engineering degree?

Training: The B1.3 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course includes learning how helicopters fly and their flight dynamics. Students also study the different helicopter systems, like electrical, hydraulic, and flight control systems. They learn about important aviation laws and safety rules. 

Safety and rules: Our faculty strongly emphasizes following aviation rules and maintenance procedures, and regulatory compliance are stressed to students. 

Documentation: Students learn how to interpret technical manuals, diagrams, and engineering drawings specific to helicopter turbine engines, enabling them to understand the engine’s specifications procedure, and troubleshooting methods. 

Certification: Completing the AME Cat B1.3 (Helicopter Turbine) course allows individuals to gain an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license in category B1.3, specializing in helicopter turbine engines from DGCA. This license will enable them to confirm that turbine helicopters are safe to fly.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.3 syllabus

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What is the duration of an AME course and what subjects will be covered?

Practical training opportunities

How does the AME course differ from an Aeronautical Engineering degree?

The practical training for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.3 involves working directly with turbine helicopter engines and systems. Students learn to identify and fix common problems with these helicopters. They perform regular checks to ensure the helicopters are safe to fly. Additionally, they learn to use special tools and equipment.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training

Placement Opportunities for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

How does the AME course differ from an Aeronautical Engineering degree?

The licenced AME must thoroughly check the helicopter and sign the certificate prior to the helicopter taking off. Licensed AME B1.3 oversees the safety and security of the helicopter. The AME licence is recognised across the world. The licenced AME has job options in the public or private sectors in both India and abroad. The licenced AME is highly respectable. India's aviation sector is rapidly growing, which is excellent news for people who desire to work in aviation. For students, the Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering offers excellent placement prospects.

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Placement opportunities

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.3 Fees and Admission Process

How does the AME course differ from an Aeronautical Engineering degree?
What is the average salary for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

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    3 years

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    Medical Fitness

    The trainees must be subjected to a medical test before being taken to the training institute by a doctor who possesses an MBBS degree. Aspirants shall not have any physical disabilities or colour blindness interfering with removing an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's duties.

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    Foreign nationals

    Foreign students shall have the lowest qualification above 'O' level (UK) or equivalent. Foreign applicant/applicants with NRI status involved for admission from a foreign country must have "Security Clearance" from The Home Ministry, The Government of India. The applicant must have a copy of "Security Clearance" at the time of admission.

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