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Cabin Crew Training Facilities at WIIA
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Comprehensive Training

WIIA offers world-class training opportunities to prospects that are skillfully accessible to everyone.

Training Objectives

  • To train and guide the aspirants to excel and develop a competitive spirit.
  • To provide opportunities for the growth of skills and capabilities.
  • To promote excellence by participating in interdisciplinary activities, seminars, workshops, debates, group discussions, etc.
  • Impart education through value-based holistic teaching and learning by blending traditional and innovative practices.
  • Build a platform for students for exploring their innovative potential and boosting the spirit of professionalism and critical thinking.
  • Equip students with the talents needed to adapt better to the changing global scenario and gain access to multiple career options.
  • To maintain and encourage quality, transparency, compliance and sustainability in governance and service delivery.

WIIA is the only institute in India with a complete Boeing 737-200 aircraft to provide practical exposure to the students.

We also have Learjet-24 & Zenith CH 2000 for practical training on actual aircraft.

WIIA has successfully established long-lasting relationships with all major international and domestic airlines, leading hotel chains & prominent organizations in the aviation, hospitality, travel, and customer service sectors. These companies trust the training we provide to students and conduct interviews for hiring well trained and groomed workforce.

WIIA has placement faculties to support and help its students get their dream jobs after completing the course. The team also facilitates on-campus interviews. The top companies from all the leading domestic and international airlines have a meet-and-greet with WIIA's well-trained students. Our students are being placed in leading international and domestic airlines worldwide.

Rise for air cabin crew is based on experience and execution. From the part of a cabin crew member, it's possible to progress to the role of purser or chief purser - the label given to the chief flight attendant.

Cabin Crew Course duration
3 months


cabin crew

WIIA believes in providing the most excellent training in the Aviation field for students' holistic development. We have a highly experienced Professors and trainers team. The professional training and placement part provides soft skill training and workforce solutions with assistance and internships for all different layers of the aviation sector.

We are recognized for our high professionalism and providing a quality workforce in the aviation industry, creating opportunities through the fusion of advanced training, interactive education and real-time marketability. We combine innovative thinking and insight with the evolution of learning concepts. We attract creative minds and provide the environment to promote innovative and entrepreneurial thought, resulting in ground-breaking ideas that open career opportunities.

  • We train And guide students to evolve and grow.
  • Provide opportunities for the growth of skills, abilities and talents.
  • Create a platform for students for exploring the spirit of professionalism and critical thinking.
  • Equip students with the skills to face the changing global scenario.
  • Access to multiple career opportunities.

Management Mission 

To provide quality knowledge and training for students' tremendous growth in the aviation sector. We at WIIA offers a vibrant environment for the holistic development of the students as valuable global student. We endeavor to convey the latest technology and education from across the world to deliver the latest to our students.

Management vision 

Our vision is to evolve as one of the top Indian institutes of Aviation with our specialtie's - faculties and courses. We endeavor to get the latest technology and education from across the world to offer the latest to our students. We aim to equip learners at all levels with the knowledge, skills, and resources to attract prosperity, happiness, and peace among society.