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Career Opportunities:

WIIA is a Cabin crew training institute providing cabin crew training courses. With the best learning, the cabin crew training institute also offers the best placement opportunities for the students. Air Hostess courses are provided by WIIA, one of the top colleges in India.

Private Sector Government Sector Essential

There are jobs open in private abroad based airlines due to the incremental globalization and open sky policies, which call for improving liberalization. Flight attendants are likely to rise with the increasing number of fleets. Private air fleets, which have worked in other countries like IndiGo, Singapore Airlines, Kingfisher, etc., create a lot of recruits.

In the contractual qualities of an air hostess, their work in the sky is restricted to 8-10 years in the government sector. Afterwards, they can be in charge of assignments such as training of recruits, administrative jobs, etc. They can also develop their portfolio as they have earned much experience over the years. After serving as flight attendants, hotel hospitality, media, and travel tourism are available.

Part of the cabin crew is a chance for a special few. Not only should one have a friendly and kind person, but they ought to be calm and organized in all sorts of scenarios. They should make a sound decision and existence of mind in every condition. Confidence and an optimistic attitude are the key and are the most precious qualities. Possessing an understanding of many languages is a plus. Cooperation and teamwork are talents one must have in spades as the nature of the job requires them. A professional attitude and hard work are a must for evolving as a cabin crew.

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Job roles for cabin crew

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After pursuing a certificate in cabin crew management, you have a variety of job profiles.

They must oversee everything related to passengers once they board the flight & after the take-off.

They were concerned about the passengers' safety throughout the flight and guided passengers about its emergency procedure.

They demonstrate the use of safety and emergency equipment in flight and ensure the safety of passengers.

The ground staff are secured with multiple responsibilities such as checking the passengers for the flight, providing passengers with the information about the flights, providing assistance to passengers, answering all their queries, etc.

They are responsible for coordinating & providing training to cabin crew regarding flight duties, security systems and emergency procedures.

They are charged with the plan's job, preparing and managing the schedule of crew and pilots.

The crew manager is responsible for the welfare of all the crew and members of an airline.


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They are in charge of the cockpit door to the back kitchen area. The cabin crew is not liable outside the aircraft or inside the cockpit.

The cabin crew can interfere in average and emergencies. They lock the exit doors located on the left and right sides of the aircraft by taking the instructions.

Hosts & hostesses are also assigned with opening the emergency exit door in any situation of an emergency. Passengers sitting right next to the emergency exit doors are also responsible.

When the required materials are to be packed into the aircraft, the duty of the cabin crew differs from company to company.

The job definition of hosts and hostesses about the service duties depends on the company. On some airlines, the cabin crew deals with all the passengers' requests, and on some airlines, they are only to begin the buffet service for passengers at specific times.

The essential task of the cabin crew is to present to passengers what to do in case of an emergency, both auditory & visually.

Hosts and hostesses are also bound to provide passengers with the required information about the journey.

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Career Prospects

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We perfectly train students with all the aspects of the cabin crew. One must have a pleasant personality and appropriate education. The field has a gigantic scope and is expected to grow steadily with the passing year. With the liberalization of the FDI policy, massive investments are expected in this sector shortly. The airline industry thrives with the emergence of new airlines & enormous investments.