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There is a lot more than just being a pilot or an air hostess in the aviation industry. Aviation or airport management is a huge responsibility that ensures safe and smooth transportation of passengers, goods, and cargo.

Tourism is a booming industry around the world. As a manager position in any travel company, you could manage a team of people, organise travel plans, and make bookings.

Placement opportunities 

Travel management and its perks, and the individual come across as flashy travellers and travel themselves. Besides, candidates from various fields can evolve part of this initiative with the proper education. Travel control draws several travel enthusiasts and provides them with a thrilling job leading to a fulfilling profession.

After completing the Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management course, many hotel companies and restaurant chains offer a handsome package to a deserving student. Some of them include:

Some of them include:

  • Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)
  • Wyndham Hotels Group (WHG)
  • Marriott International
  • Hilton Hotels Corporation

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Roles and Responsibility

The job involves the executive taking responsibility for safety and operational efficiency. It also requires ground handling by setting standards and initiating global solutions.

The managers are liable for overlooking the ticketing process and assisting passengers with boarding passes and other ticketing services. They are also accountable for cancellation services and other related services.

Customer services are much more than just contacting the users. These professionals need to ensure that no bad review is bad enough to affect the firm significantly.

There are exciting jobs available in the foreign exchange department. These executives are answerable for making the currency exchange accurately. They must be updated with the current values of the Rupee and different significant currencies.

There are many services offered under aviation, hospitality & travel management. The sales executives bring consumers and users to the respective company.

These coordinators are accountable for working with the management department and ensuring a more wonderful experience. They also serve various customer service duties.

The executives operating in this department ensure that the passengers' benefits are up to mark and whether the protection of the passengers is well-assured.

This is the most exciting and exciting job in the industry. The itinerary planner drafts a plan for the passengers for their trip to the chosen location. It must contain different beautiful spots at the destination.

The professionals performing in this department are trustworthy for creating an easy, professional and seamless experience for the travellers from curbside to boarding.

These are the counsellors who help and suggest the travellers on the travelling plan best fitted for their money and their anticipations from the destination. Apart from that, the counsellors also help in any distress caused through the trip or before.

These executives assist the travellers in delivering the travellers with plans they require and assisting them in executing their trip. They are the ones who get the travellers' money and provide the service, which contains bookings and reservations.

These executives go with the tourists on their journey and help their needs. Travel executives are different from travel guides. They are only in charge of helping sightseeing for tourists.

The position of a Front Office Manager can be described as the first to interact with probable clients and turn them to the suitable person responsible for their needs. These managers are also known as Front Desk Managers.