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Aviation is one of the most exciting fields of education alongside hospitality and travel management. There are a lot of career opportunities for students after pursuing the course in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management. This industry has some of the most well-paid jobs and ensures a quality lifestyle. There are an excellent range of aviation, hospitality, and travel management job profiles. Some of the career prospects for students after this course is:

career prospects for students after this course

  • This field of study brings a wide range of career opportunities for students. Many top-class companies recruit students from this course. 
  • This course in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management provides you with a chance to be selected as either a cabin crew or as ground staff by renowned airline agencies. 
  • Students can also secure a job in top Hotel groups in India and outside India. 
  • Candidates acquire the required sense of professionalism and understand the basics of airports, airlines and hotel management. 

Leaving the ground, flying in the air, traveling places is something that mesmerizes us all, metaphorically and literally. Aviation is one of the most exciting fields of education alongside hospitality and travel management. Once entering this field, there is excellent scope in advancing one's career.

Career Scope in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management

There are some skilled openings in the aviation and friendliness industry. In the path of passing the course, they can likewise go for more graduation courses for upgrading their instructive capability or upgrade alongside proper balance. Up-and-comers can also have careers in areas like the travel industry office, lodgings, travel services, aircraft catering, lodge administrations, and so on the part of the work areas where such students can get a new line of work are:

This role applies to booking flight tickets and taking reservations. They are agents who interact with the clients and manage their questions about ticket fares, seat availability and timings.

Airport employees are also named ground crew or ground staff. They are accountable for providing the safety and convenience of passengers. They are involved in the checking-in of baggage, allowing disabled passengers and delivering necessary knowledge to flyers.

The baggage and cargo handlers deal with the unloading and loading of passenger luggage, food supplies and shipment deliveries. They control the movement of the goods in and out of the cargo hold. Sometimes, they are given the responsibility to keep the aircraft's cleanliness and perform other pre-flight duties.

These agents take care of a load of goods via airline, train and trucking terminals and shipping docks. They provide cargo deliveries take place as promised and valid documentation is taken out. They also follow international shipments and examine after customs formalities.

A client service agent with an airline is liable for assisting clients with flight schedules, bookings, seat availability and loyalty schedules. They assist passengers with alternatives during flight cancellations and troubles. Good client service can provide that flyers come back to the airlines during the following trip.

A Foreign Exchange Manager trades with trading operations and helps companies meet their corporate economic goals. They also serve customers on international business matters.

They are an essential part of the travel and hospitality industry. Their immediate responsibility is to provide visitors have a friendly stay and they do not face any inconveniences. They also deliver assistance to the best of their capabilities while setting for pleasure trips and any personal requests.

This role arrives with the duty of preventing any security scares on board. They have the capacity to restrain an unruly passenger and control other flyers from having any undesirable experiences.

An itinerary planner can be of tremendous help to corporate companies and chief executives who need help in coming up with the most suitable travel plans. They help flyers to confirm that their trips go as planned in the best possible way.

A Senior Travel consultant provides customers with convenient travel packages. They do end-to-end planning for tourists and take care of tickets, commute, hotel reservations and all additional bookings. They also provide passengers with the essential information needed for the travel.