Aircraft Maintenance
Engineering B1.1

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.1

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Placement Opportunities:

Airlines is a company that delivers air transport for the visitors to travel. A Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer has to investigate and solve aircraft problems before an aircraft flies.
An aircraft can take off only after signing Flight Releasing Certificate (FRC).

MRO companies are those companies that specialize in conducting maintenance actions on aircraft and their elements such as jet engines, landing gears, etc. To support the actions, a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is needed.

Aircraft Manufacturing Companies trade in manufacturing aircrafts such as Boeing, Airbus, etc. For maintaining and working on engines, electronics systems, etc., Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are hired.

Aircraft are made up of multiple parts. To manufacture those parts of Aircraft, Part Manufacturing Companies have created. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers can examine those parts and develop better ones.

EASA, ICAO, etc., are Aircraft Operation Organizations. Their association deals with the safety and protection of civil aviation. When it's about safety in aircraft, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is the first name that came out.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer tells other prospects about the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in B1.1 and its content.

A flying club is an organization that delivers its member's reasonable access to aircraft. That aircraft must be maintained, which licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers accomplish.

Many aircraft securities are used to protect the country for different purposes. Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers also maintain defence.

Wherever aircraft are manipulated, they must be maintained by an authorized Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Carriers provide transport to the passengers. An aircraft cannot fly without approval from AME.

The safety & security of aircraft is the responsibility of AME at ground level, so there is the requirement of AME at the airport.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career Scope

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering career scope is extending with the growth in India. Here are some of the following reports that reflect India's development:

  • Indian aviation sector confronting skill shortage in Pilots and AMEs. India is rising in the aviation sector, so the requirement of AME is at its peak.
  • Indian MRO Industry is on the verge of expanding. Excellent growth rate for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). This leads to a new height for the AME career.
  • India is growing in aviation quickly. Air traffic growth is around 28% which builds an excellent career as AME.
  • Two Indian airports have been ranked in World's top 10 most rapidly growing airports. The air traffic has grown in India, raising a hike in AME jobs.
  • The UDAN scheme is giving an enlargement to AME career. UDAN Scheme makes airfare affordable for common people to travel around. An intense increase in domestic passengers can be seen, which results in a rise in AME career.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Abroad

Aircraft Maintenance training in foreign countries is conducted by various competent regulatory authorities of the states. Every regulatory authority that is a member of the European Union (EU) follows the same eligibility criteria for getting the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License.

Like DGCA in our India, European Union Aviation Safety Agency - EASA in European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the United States of America, Transport Canada - TC for Canada, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority - DCAA for Dubai, General Civil Aviation Authority - GCAA in UAE, etc.


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