Future Growth and Career Scope in Aviation Industry

Future Growth of the Aviation Industry in India

All areas of Indian trade and commerce are booming since the country has the fastest-growing economy in the world. Its expansion will undoubtedly be beneficial to Indian Aviation in all of its areas. The development will be reflected in all areas of aviation, including commercial, military, business, regional, international, helicopter, and even the space sector. The Indian government has provided a roadmap for Indian aviation companies to follow since it recognises the significance and value of these market segments. The roadmap outlined significant benchmarks to achieve the goal of making India the best-performing centre for aviation by 2040, in addition to expanding the country's aviation industry.

The aviation market is anticipated to expand quickly between 2022 and 2029 throughout the anticipated time period. According to MoCA's statistics, the aviation industry now has 2,50,000 direct jobs open, including those for pilots, cabin crew, engineers, airport staff, ground handlers, cargo, retail, security, administrative, and sales workers. Almost 79% of aviation degree holders are working and living lives they believe to be wish fulfilments. Over 95% of the world's top industries, including trade, the economy, healthcare, and agriculture, are holistically integrated with the aviation industry.

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Scope of Aviation Career in India

Many people choose to work in aviation because of the high pay, job flexibility, and opportunity to travel that it provides. Experts in aviation can expect to make between INR 2 and INR 15 lakhs per year. Graduates who are engaged by a range of organisations have the best chances of success. One can quickly move from technical roles or management to hospitality services after completing training and a course.

Logistic Sector - The logistics sector of the supply chain organises, executes, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse transit and storage of goods and related details between the point of origin and the site of consumption in order to meet customer expectations.

Airline Sector - The term "airline" refers to a broad group of businesses that offer paid customers or employees access to air transportation services. These air transportation services, which are often provided by jet aircraft, but certain airlines may also use helicopters, are available to both people and freight.

Aviation Company - There is a tonne of work opportunities in the aviation industry to think about. The majority of the industry's tasks include managing airport operations and aircraft maintenance in addition to designing, repairing, and flying various types of aircraft.

Airport terminals - The airport's terminal offers tourists attractive new options while they're there by taking part in its dining and shopping possibilities. It is an airport building where passengers transition from ground transportation to locations where they can board and deplane an aircraft with assistance from the airport and aviation teams.

Top Courses for Bright Future in Aviation

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

A three-year programme in aircraft maintenance engineering equips students with a wealth of technical and theoretical understanding of every aspect of an aircraft. The students are trained in how to diagnose problems a plane can encounter on the ground. For aviation lovers who enjoy being around aircraft, this course is ideal. The licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course focuses mainly on the components and characteristics of aircraft. Before taking off, every aircraft must receive permission from the aircraft maintenance engineer. They are instructed in all the steps required to ensure the safety and security of the plane.

The safety, security, and comfort of the pilot, crew, and, most importantly, the passengers are the top priorities of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. The AME licence is recognised throughout the world. There are two types of AME licence:

-Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine)

-Aircraft maintenance Engineering B2 (Avionics)

Cabin Crew

The skills and responsibilities that the top airlines in the world are searching for are outlined in this course, which is ideal for young professionals looking to get a head start in the field. Customer service and addressing unusual events in flight are given special attention, and the final module of the training provides practical advice for finishing the hiring process. This course also includes a safety equipment procedure (SEP) trainer that gives a rundown of the emergency procedures and safety equipment that are accessible online or on mobile devices.

Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management

A six-month certification programme in aviation, hospitality, and travel management gives students the management skills they need to handle airports, aviation, and hospitality-related aspects. It aids pupils in comprehending flying operations. Students can learn about Airport Management, Airport Security, Airport Planning, Passenger Forecasts, Safety and Security through the Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management course. A sure way is developed in this flying training. It covers all the topics that prepare potential employees for fieldwork by arming them with the knowledge and expertise required by the aviation sector.

What makes WIIA the best Aviation Training Institute in India?

With the convergence of sophisticated training, interactive education, and real-time marketability, we are renowned for our high professionalism and for providing the aviation sector with a quality workforce. We blend original thought and wisdom with the development of learning paradigms. We draw imaginative individuals and foster an environment that fosters inventive and entrepreneurial thinking, leading to game-changing concepts that create employment possibilities.

The top Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering offers certification programmes in cabin crew and aviation hospitality & travel management, so you can always land a fantastic career without putting in a lot of work. The aviation sector offers enormous opportunities and is devoid of mental stress because it soars higher every day.