Five Airline Jobs without Requirement of Higher Degree

Indian Aviation Sector is a booming and lucrative career field many young students think of making a career in. The most commonly thought job profiles in the airline industry are Commercial Pilot, Cabin Crew, and AME, but there are a few more job scopes in this field which provide you with nothing less than these well-known profiles.

Becoming a flight attendant or a cabin crew can be your dream but if you're thinking about choosing a different job profile, then in this article, read about five alternate job descriptions in the aviation sector.

Aviation Jobs you may not have considered

While the glamorous and ambitious Cabin Crew positions are what most people associate with professions in the aviation industry, there are various other equally exciting career options. An army of experts is needed to ensure the industry continues to grow and function smoothly. The dedicated crew serves as the aviation business's backbone by carrying out many crucial activities.

Here are the top five jobs besides cabin crew in Aviation Industry that one can pursue without having a higher degree:

Load and Trim Officer

The management of cargo during flights involves a great deal of clever calculation because aircraft are solid yet delicate vehicles. A load and trim officer balances and weights the mail, baggage, and cargo that are transported in the aeroplane. In order to fend the safety of the goods and the passengers, the officer offers loading instructions and a load sheet and follows all applicable regulations.

The legal requirement that an aircraft be loaded so that the maximum permissible weight values are not surpassed and that the centre of gravity as filled will be within the allowed flight envelope and remain there throughout the entire intended operation is essential to the aircraft's safety and structural integrity. Once these needs have been met, it is equally necessary for the flight crew to be aware of the current weight and centre of gravity to adjust the aircraft's equipment, such as takeoff reference speeds, slat/flap position, and pitch trim or stabiliser position, accordingly. This is crucial to ensuring that the aircraft will maintain the desired stability and achieve published certified performance.

Customer Service Manager

Dealing with customers and seeing that they board the plane without incident is a critical responsibility that a customer service manager undertakes. The Manager also steps in to resolve disputes by putting up a workable alternative. They must be vigilant, understanding, and intelligent while keeping their composure. At higher levels, the Manager oversees these procedures and instructs the staff.

They may also manage a range of consumer complaints as part of their duties, including those involving booking problems and refund requests. These experts frequently help clients and customers understand the advantages of selecting a specific airline or travel package. In the event that customers experience issues with baggage reclaim or luggage tracking, they might respond to their concerns. Additionally, they are in the responsibility for advising passengers of potential unexpected delays to flights as well as any other logistical issues.

Passenger Handling Executive

A Passenger Handling Executive takes pride in a quick check-in process. Along with many other duties, the executives are experts in luggage transfers, ticket services, and baggage claims. In all likelihood, the passenger handling crew have a significant role in your smooth flight experience. This position frequently follows a shift pattern because of the many hours that airports are open. Working late-night or early-morning shifts may be necessary. Due to the fact that weekends & holidays tend to be busy travel times, you might also need to be available for work during these times.

A position as a passenger check-in officer can be a good fit for you if you like interacting with people on an individual level, have practical communication skills, and have a professional approach to your work.

In-flight Services and Security Personality

People with keen analytical abilities and the capacity to pick up on details that others might miss are ideally suited for this position. Risk management, occurrence reporting, hazard identification, and safety assurance are tasks that In-Flight Service & Security Personnel handle.

Fares and Ticketing Incharge

This profile is intended for those who are excellent planners and executors. Passengers' reservations are made, confirmed, and tickets are issued by the person in charge of fare and ticketing. They are well-equipped to respond to inquiries regarding itineraries and prices, to produce invoices, and to handle unexpected reservations and cancellations. An airline ticketing agent must treat each customer respectfully and pay close attention to their needs. They must also possess solid communication skills and be professionally attired. In order to collect and validate payments, airline ticketing agents must also include essential math skills and basic computer literacy. They must also adhere to tight guidelines established by the airline and the nation in which they are employed for flying regulations. An airline ticketing agent should therefore be well-versed in the rules and procedures followed inside airports.

If these job descriptions and duties intrigue you, pursuing a career in the aviation industry can be a wise choice for you. Learn what it takes to grow in the field. Take a course that will enable you to become a professional in the aviation industry.