Chanchal Kumar as New Civil Aviation Secretary amid soaring airfare

The Indian government has recently appointed IAS officer Chanchal Kumar as the new Civil Aviation Secretary in the Ministry of Civil Aviation. With his extensive executive experience and expertise, Kumar is expected to tackle the challenges the aviation sector faces, particularly the issue of soaring airfares. His position comes at a crucial time when the industry strives to recover from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and provide reasonable and affordable air travel for the groups.


Chanchal Kumar, the Managing Director of the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd, has been appointed to lead the Civil Aviation Ministry. Per the order, he will be accepting the Officer on Special Duty role from August 1, with a rank and pay similar to the Secretary to the Government of India. Afterwards, upon the incumbent Secretary Rajiv Bansal's retirement on August 31, Kumar will officially accept the position.

This appointment echoes the government's commitment to hiring seasoned directors for critical problems, and Kumar's selection is among the 15 senior administrators appointed to different central government departments. Rajiv Bansal, who formerly held the position, played an essential role in leading the aviation sector, particularly during the difficult times faced by Air India, which experienced a total stake deal due to climbing debts.

The aviation industry in India has been grappling with the issue of zooming airfares, which has been a cause of anxiety for both the government and the public. With the appointment of Chanchal Kumar as the new Civil Aviation Secretary, his expertise and strategic vision are anticipated to help address this issue. Kumar's experience in infrastructure growth through his role at the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd will bring practical understanding to the aviation sector & contribute to the growth and accessibility of air journeys.


Chanchal Kumar's appointment as the new Civil Aviation Secretary arrives at a critical juncture when the aviation industry is working towards healing and securing affordable air travel for the people. His extensive administrative background and knowledge in infrastructure growth make him well-suited for the challenges ahead. Under Kumar's leadership, the aviation sector is anticipated to witness progressive reforms and initiatives to enhance connectivity, enhance efficiency, and mitigate the issue of soaring airfares.