The Indian Aviation Industry has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. India has emerged as the largest Domestic Aviation Market and is all set to be the 3rd largest Aviation Market in the world by the latest in the year 2024. Due to its immense and rapid growth in the market, there is very heavy and intense competition in the Indian Aviation Industry. Getting into the Aviation industry is not easy as it looks. Here are some of the important things one should know about the Indian Aviation Industry.  


As we already know India is one of the fastest-growing industries in terms of Aviation and there is immense competition between different Airlines in India. Some have aced in the Aviation industry yet some are still facing loss and lash backs and some are on the verge of shutting down. Because of the strong competition, it is expected that only the best of the best stays in the Aviation Market because the Aviation Industry has given a very positive recognition to India all over the world. There are multiple airlines in India, but there is a handful that is best out of them and to date ”Indigo” is the only Airline that has stood out in the Market and has been consistently profitable. Another Airline close to Indigo is ”SpiceJet” which also stands out mediocrely in the Aviation Industry in India. The reason why many of the Airlines in India cannot survive for too long in the Aviation Industry is mainly because of the price of Jet Fuel which is the highest in India. The price of Jet Fuel is very high in India and for Airlines that can hardly make even an average profit, it becomes difficult for them to cope up with the Fuel price and hence are bound to face losses and close-downs. To survive in the Indian Aviation Industry and not get lost in the Market the Airlines have to be excellent with strong and decent services and most importantly must bring at least very close to meager profit most of the time.  


To survive in the Indian Aviation Industry, airlines have to keep going on as the competition rises each time. To stay in the market the Airlines have to provide services from their customer’s perspective. Over the years many Airlines have been fighting on how to keep their costs at an affordable rate keeping in mind that they do not face a loss yet give excellent services to their passengers. It’s difficult for Airlines to keep a balance of their profits and loss and also keeping in mind that passengers are very sensitive to prices. To keep a balance of this is very difficult and many Airlines have failed to do so, but there are a handful of Airlines that have been consistently working on this and have now mastered the art of it. To keep running in  

the competition Airlines need to keep a balance between their passengers’ requirements, price rates and profits.  


Keeping all the competitions aside, India is still one of the largest markets in the Aviation Industry. It is one of the industry’s in India whose growth has been rapid and the fastest. With wide job opportunities and careers, the Indian aviation industry has been growing in all aspects be it from the improvement of Airline Services to their Crew members to their advanced customer services to international collaborations they have been growing nationwide as well as worldwide. The positive growth in the Aviation industry in India has also opened doors for opportunities to the youth and has given the country good recognition and value in the Aviation Market.  


The Aviation Industry is expected to have very good days in the future. It has already been estimated that by the year 2024 the Indian Aviation Industry is expected to overtake the UK and become the 3rd largest Air Passenger Market. The number of passengers flying domestically increases by a good number every year. The customer services and passenger requirements are improving and enhancing every year. There is a rapid increase in the number of passengers and many Airlines are now working on expanding more of their passenger capacity. Also, The Indian Aviation Industry has a bright future for the youths of this generation as well the coming generation and has inspired the youths to want to be a part of the Aviation family. Being the world’s largest industry in the market with very high competition, it has set a benchmark and has the best Crew members which itself is the road to a bright future and success.  


With India’s rapidly growing population the demand for Airline services is also expanding alongside. India’s middle-class population is expanding in size. It is expected that the number of middle-class households is expected to nearly double in few years. Population growth is an advantage to the Aviation Industry. More population is equal to more money which means more passengers for Airlines. Also, the population growth will increase the chances of more employment in the Aviation Industry which will have more manpower and therefore it is another advantage to the Indian Aviation Industry.  


One big reason for the immense rise in the Aviation Industry is that today majority of the people prefer to travel on a flight rather than on a train. And why wouldn’t the people choose flights over trains? 

The duration of a journey via flight is much faster and convenient rather than on a train. It’s not only hassle-free and fast but it is also quite affordable with decent services. For example, a journey from Delhi to Bangalore will take you 1-2 days if you travel via Train which is not only tiring but as well takes away extra expenses from your pocket for a two-day journey. But the same journey if done via flight will just take you 1-2 hours max to reach your destination which is not only fast and convenient but also you will not have to spend extra on anything for a 2-hour journey. It is proved that today people are preferring Flights over trains and it will continue to be like this shortly.  


People are traveling more, there is not a single day where people are not traveling, be it a vacation to business trips to family trips to individual trips, there has never been a pause in traveling. An increase in traveling automatically means an increase in Tourism, as people are traveling from one country to another there is a rapid rise in the Tourism aspect. People from abroad are traveling to India and to reach their destination they are required to change their flight from international to Indian during the time of their travel and hence Airlines are gaining more international passengers. With more people traveling in and around India, Airlines too are seeing a rise in passengers from around the world which gives a positive rise in Tourism